XI. 3 States in 1 Day

(March 29, 2017 | Spring Break Road Trip: Day 6)

I don’t really have much to say for this one.  This post is actually going to be more of a short diary type entry, not that my others aren’t, but you know.  Driving down was sad because that meant our little vacation was over, but I still had a few more stops = I get to see some of my bestest friends.  It was time to hit the road and make it back to Humboldt.

The drive down was scenic, per usual.  Some specific highlights besides how (obviously) beautiful the nature views were:

  1. I stopped by the border of Oregon and California and got a picture with the “Welcome to California” sign. #tourist
  2. I forgot that I left my phone on the hood of the car and when we sped off, we saw something hit the windshield of the car and freaked out.  We were glad that the windshield didn’t break, God bless, but what was that object?  10 seconds later it registered in my head that it was phone.  Oh…my gosh.  We stopped the car and walked the side of the road and forest and drove back until we — thank God — found it.  It was chilling faced down and I was so scared to flip it over to see the damage.  Damage = minimal.  My phone is a 4 year old trooper.  There looked to a little cobweb-looking crack on the upper left hand side, but it disappeared a few hours later.  Spooky.  Not complaining though.

We got to Humboldt by dinnertime and got sushi with Ana and Shane and had a lax night in.  Movies, bubbly drinks, and catching up before Ana and I wouldn’t see each other for another few months.  It was a nice night with friends to sum it up.

That was honestly kind of it.  The last few days of the trip are just stretches of driving, but I’ll keep ya posted on anything extraordinary.

Until the next time I zoom through 3 states in a day and forgot my phone on a hood of a car.

Love always, J.


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